Building regulations

Building Regulations

When you bought your house, you knew you would eventually need more storage space. Did that include thinking about building a garage or shed? Or even a carport? You will likely need a permit for that. You need to know every aspect of the Kentucky building regulations, permits, and laws before beginning.

We have compiled a list of some of the Kentucky basics. Keep in mind, within various city limits and communities you will find there may be additional building regulations that apply. You have ownership of your property, but your building plans may not be kosher. Be sure to check your local guidelines, too.



Why do I need a permit, you may ask. With a permit you have legal permission to begin construction using approved plans. Local ordinances and the Kentucky Building Code require them. You don’t want to find yourself tearing your hard work back down simply because you did not check into the regulations ahead of time. This is needed to construct, enlarge, or remodel any structure larger than 200 square feet. Adding or changing any electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing systems means you need a permit, as well.


Accessory Buildings

You are probably still wondering if you really need a permit. Well, even a carport falls under the accessory building codes. Yes, a carport. Of course any garage (attached or detached) and extra storage sheds are considered accessory buildings. Here are a few other simple things to keep in mind. An attached garage has requirements to ensure your family’s safety. You won’t want any car exhaust leaking into your everyday spaces. Detached garages may need drywall inside depending how close they are to your house. Also, check the regulations on building within so many feet from the street and property lines. You may find requirements on spacing, walls, and overhangs/eaves.


Generally, accessory structures are not allowed in the front yard within city limits. Plus, accessory structures may have square footage limits and height restrictions. You can always check the Land Development Codes through the Planning & Design department of your local city. Just remember that while you own your lot, you belong to a municipality. Be mindful of the regulations before breaking ground on a new project.



Don’t forget about utilities, either! First, think about where current lines exist. This could affect where you can build. Talk to the city about utility easements. You know it might be nice to add one of our convenient Overhead Door™ garage door openers, too. Electricity will have to be worked into the plan. That needs a permit. The same goes for plumbing if you have thought about an extra bathroom in your shop or simply a washtub near the door.


Keep your new buildings and additions kosher for your sake, so ask questions along the way. Building or remodeling projects are large investments. You don’t want to find yourself redoing your work because you didn’t follow the building regulations the first time.

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