Value Added with New Garage Door

New Garage Door Value

Did you realize that your garage door is likely the largest entryway to your home? This means it also has great potential for added value and curb appeal. Remember, we did say it is one of the largest pieces of your humble abode. It is a great opportunity for curb appeal, design, security, and functionality. You are likely to find added value with a new garage door.

Curb Appeal

Even a subtle change by adding a new garage door will add more appeal to the eye than you might think. You may obviously consider keeping your lawn in tiptop shape as being a plus when it comes to selling. Every homeowner knows that a well-maintained lawn can influence potential buyers. The windows, doors, and your garage are just as key when it comes to curb appeal. You can keep it simple or really create an eye-catching piece.



With curb appeal in mind, the design of your door can really flow with the overall look or add a certain pop with style. Many homes lack an overarching design theme, often because homeowners are unwilling to buy a new garage door. A new door can tie the entire look of your home together, so don’t be afraid to buy a new door with design. If you look into a few other things as well, you may find there can be even more benefit for your wallet in the long run.


Security Smart

While you could spend very little on a new garage door for a fresh look, by purchasing a higher quality door you gain security and higher returns on your investment. Security is a smart investment for all homeowners…whether you are looking to sell soon or not. If you’re someone who likes seeing the numbers, well the added security of certain garage doors can provide up to 91.5% return. How’s that for numbers? Security is a selling point and a smart choice for anyone. Steel reinforced doors all around your home, including your garage, may be worth the extra money. It can help protect your wallet and help it grow from the added value with a new garage door.


Functionality Upgrades

Of course your garage door mainly needs to just open and close. Did you know you could add a few accessories to maximize the functionality of it? If you purchase an electric garage door opener, you should check out battery backup systems, laser parking accessories, and smart phone apps. A new garage door with an electric opener can add more functionality than you may think.

A new garage door, or even just new accessories, can improve the value of your home. Many people overlook that this simple switch can be one of the easiest ways to add value to a home. Give us a call at Overhead Door of Western Kentucky™ for a quote today.

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