space saving tips

Space Saving Tips

Many of us are some sort of enthusiast or hobbyist at heart. We acquire more and more things over the years. We often end up with more stuff than storage space, or we lose some free maneuverable space in the process. If you’ve ever thought to yourself that your garage just doesn’t seem to have enough space or you can’t ever keep it clean, you’re not alone. Especially living in the city even if you’ve been saving money, you may not have the yard space to add on to your garage or build a small shed. Never fear… check out these space saving tips for the inner enthusiast with “too much stuff”.


To the crafty at heart, think about all the storage totes you could get up off the ground if you had a ceiling system. That’s right, use all that empty space above your head. All you need is a few boards to set as tracks, and voilá slide your way into an organized space. Don’t forget to label them!


For the weekend fisherman, right above the garage door is one of the most wasted uses of space out there. Try installing a rack system in that great space. Keep all your other gadgets and lures in your tackle boxes, that you can place on a shelf on the wall or above your head.


If your family is into outdoor sports, take an old pallet to set up as an equipment holder. Then, try some wire holders for all those balls known to be caught rolling in all the high traffic areas of your garage. You can even hang bicycles or kayaks on the wall or from the ceiling or use a standing rack to keep them confined. Plus, those pulley systems work well for Jeep tops.


For the Sunday driver, yes those of you with your special or collector car. Nobody wants to see that thing sit out in the rain, but your work car can receive the same glorified treatment. Look into a car lift for your garage. No, you don’t have to be a mechanic to own one. They make some that serve as a rack system in your garage for slim cars. You can turn that one parking space into two by lifting one car up. How handy is that?


Finally, if there is a handyman in the house along with a collection of tools, maximize that wall space. Space saving tips range from hanging pegboards and adding hooks, placing magnetic strips on the walls, and incorporating a foldable workbench. The wall hangers work great for the gardener’s tool supply, as well.


Make your neighbors wonder, “Where do they put all of that stuff?” Call us at Overhead Door of Western Kentucky™ if you need a little more direction. We’re happy to help with space saving tips.

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