Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs Explained

Have you ever thought about how heavy a garage door really is? Think about how you can open and close it without much effort. You can thank the torsion springs. While they are one of the most important working parts of your garage door system, they can also be one of the most dangerous. Garage door springs need regular maintenance to stay functional and safe. We’ve got you covered on things to be watching for with torsion springs.

First and foremost, if you find that you need to replace any springs, do not try replacing them alone! This is best left to the professionals. At the Overhead Door Company of Western Kentucky™ we would be happy to send our professionals to your door, so you don’t have to worry about any sort of injury or damage.


What They Do

Let’s investigate what exactly these springs do. For centuries, counterweights have been used as balancing mechanisms. Think about how much your garage door weighs. If your door weighs around 100 pounds, the torsion springs need enough force to counteract those 100 pounds. This balances the door, allowing you to manually open and close it with ease. At least 100 pounds of pressure… don’t forget that. Remember we said you will want to keep these important pieces functioning properly and safe.


Where They Are

Torsion springs are attached just above your closed garage door, while extension springs are found above the upper tracks on both sides. The torsion springs balance the door by applying torque, which assists in opening and closing the door. Residential garage doors come standard with two torsion springs. In case one would break the second should keep the garage door from falling and causing damage to you or your property.


Squeaky Springs

Do you hear squeaky springs every now and then? If they are only squeaking and not making too much noise you might be able to remedy this yourself. Try some spray lubricant on the springs and rollers. If opening and closing the door still doesn’t sound right, you will want to call a professional. The problem may be bigger than it sounds, so the torsion springs may need to be tightened or replaced.


Springs Gone Bad

How will you know if your springs have gone bad? The average spring life is 7-9 years, assuming 4 cycles a day. If you happen to also use your garage door like a front door, this means more cycles so it may only last 4-6 years. Generally, springs need to be rebalanced within the first few years after installation. If they happened to be installed during cold weather, you will probably want to do this sooner yet. It’s always a good idea to perform regular door balance checks, by disconnecting from electricity and opening the door manually.


Remember, at the Overhead Door Company of Western Kentucky™ we want your door to stay safe and functional for you and your family. Give us a call when you need professional assistance or need new parts.

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