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Weather Ready Garage Door

As the seasons will be changing, we recommend a little checkup of your garage door. Along with routine maintenance, weather ready options are a great way to prepare for the colder temperatures!


Weather Seals

Pay attention to any major environmental changes, like unwanted drafts in your garage. Check for any rust on metal on or around your garage door, as well as puddles of water. These are signs of weatherstripping that needs replacing. Weather seals in good condition prevent cooler air and the elements from entering.



For maximum thermal efficiency, our Thermacore® insulated steel doors are built with a layer of polyurethane between two layers of steel. They also feature between-section seals to reduce air infiltration and maximize thermal efficiency.


Wind Load

Another element of weather to keep in mind is strong wind. Our wind load doors are reinforced to withstand the strong force and protect your home. When the storms hit, you can have peace of mind knowing that the largest, heaviest  entry to your home won’t be flying off its tracks.


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