Winterize Your Garage

While it is still warm outside, it is time for winter preparation. All it takes is an afternoon, and you can prevent frozen pipes and leaking cold air in your garage. Temperatures will be dropping sooner than you think. Follow our quick guide to winterize your garage.


Keep the Snow Out

When the first snow falls, you want to be sure snow will not be blown into your garage. There should be no space between your garage’s walls and your garage. If there is space between the two, it can either be a problem with your weather stripping or your garage alignment. You can check your weather stripping by pushing on it. Healthy weather stripping should compress significantly and immediately return to its normal shape. If you cannot seal your garage with new weather stripping, call a professional to check your alignment.


Keep the Cold Out         

The best way to keep the cold out is with proper insulation. Check your current garage insulation to see if it needs patching or replacing. If you do not have insulation in your garage, you should consider adding it. Insulation not only extends the living space of your home, but will help save money on heating costs. This will also keep any pipes from freezing in your garage. If the pipes freeze over anyways, run rope lights along the pipe to keep them warm.


Protect your Floor

Snow and salt will inevitably enter your garage by hitching a ride on your car’s tires. Your floor can be significantly damaged by these elements if left unprotected. To seal your floor, first identify any large cracks and fill them with an epoxy resin. Then seal the entire surface with a floor paint to protect it fully from the winter. Think of how salt eats away at highway roads; you do not want that to happen to your garage floor.


Protect your summer goods

The last thing you will need to do before winter is swap your summer items for your winter items. Unfortunately, you will no longer need your lawnmower, spades, and fertilizer, but you can trade those out for your snow blower, snow shovels, and ground salt. The last thing you will want to do is dig through the back of your garage for all of these tools when it is already freezing. And if you are short on storage space you can always add new storage systems.


If your door is in need of an upgrade before winter hits, we are here to help. Give us a call at the Overhead Door Company of Western Kentucky™, so you can winterize your garage.

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