Securing Your Home Before Going On Vacation

If you have ever gone on vacation and returned to a home that has been robbed, you may have forgotten about securing your home before going on vacation. There are several ways to ensure that your home stays safe while you are gone, starting with your garage door.


By taking care of your door, you will create another barrier of protection. Here are a few ways to keep your home safe.


Hide your garage door remote

Most people clip their remote to their car’s visor, or hide it in their center console. If you are going on a road trip, make sure to move your remotes either into your home, or lock them in your glove compartment. You can also reprogram your exterior keypad with a new code, or simply have Overhead Door™ install a new opener with a “Vacation Switch,” which disables remote access.


Purchase a garage door monitor

A garage door monitor allows you to monitor can close up to four garage doors. With this system installed, you no longer have to worry about if you remembered to close the garage door. The system will alert you if the door is opened, or has been left open. Overhead Door™’s Anywhere™ app gives you access to security information such as the dates and times of when the garage door was used.


Remember to lock ALL of your doors

Make sure that you remember to lock your garage door along with all of your other doors and windows. Most doors have a latching mechanism that prevents the door from being moved from the outside.


Set your lights and timers

Install motion-detecting lights to deter home invaders. Another lighting option is to set timers for your interior and exterior lights. These timed lights will give the appearance that someone is home even when the sun goes down.



There are a variety of things many do not think of when leaving town. These loose ends that will improve the safety of your home include putting a hold on your mail, hiring lawn care or snow removal services, and keeping valuables secured in a safe deposit box. Lastly, it may be wise to tread lightly on social media. Make your accounts private, or save your stories and photos for sharing until after you have returned home.


To install added security measures, or an entirely new garage door unit, contact Overhead Door of Western Kentucky™ today.

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