Signs it’s Time to Replace the Old Door

Most homeowners use their garage door multiple times a day, so a dysfunctional door can be a serious issue. If your garage door is acting differently or making strange noises, there may be concern on the horizon- if not already. If your door is over ten years, makes loud noises, and does not work consistently, you should consider replacing your garage door. Read the following red flags to find out if you should replace your old garage door.


Ask yourself these questions to help you decide if you might need to replace your garage door:


  1. Does your garage look outdated and old?
  2. Is your door making loud noises?
  3. Have you had numerous failures in the past few months?
  4. Do you see any balancing issues with the door itself?
  5. Do you see any visual issues?
  6. Have you had any repeated problems that you can’t seem to fix?


The largest and heaviest moving part of your home is your garage door, so it is important to properly operate and maintain your garage door. Like any other mechanical part there is potential for a dangerous situation to occur under certain circumstances. While answering “yes” to any of the above questions may mean it is time to replace your garage door, you can also prevent problems from occurring on your own.



You might be able to prevent a problem from occurring.


Observe your garage door and perform regular maintenance checkups at least once a year. Unfortunately, we do not always know if previous home owners have kept up with the garage. If you have any questions about the safety or life of your garage, please feel free to call us for a garage door inspection.


Why should you replace your garage door?


Reasons to replace your garage door might include some of the above indications that it is going out on you, but there are other great reasons to replace your garage door. A new garage door can give your home a facelift, and tie the look of your home’s exterior together. If you are trying to sell your home, a custom garage door can attract buyers, and add value to your home.


A new custom door from the professionals at Overhead Door™ is a safe way to improve your home. If you are interested in a new garage door and want to work with professionals, we are here to help.


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