Unbalanced Garage Door

Unbalanced Garage Door: Warning Signs

When something you use isn’t working right, you probably want to fix it. Perhaps your laundry list of repairs has been growing around the house. How do you prioritize them? Well, any that may affect the safety of your family and home may be a good place to start. Knowing that, it is wise to be mindful of warning signs of an unbalanced garage door.

We have your best interests at heart when it comes to safety and protecting your investment. We know your home is one of the largest purchases you have ever made. Do not try to adjust any torsion springs on your own. The torsion springs are what keep the heavy door balanced and in its tracks and hold a lot of force. Please call one of our professionals at Overhead Door of Western Kentucky™ if your door needs any repairs.


Balance Checks

We recommend performing regular door balance checks. As the seasons change, it is always a good idea to set aside a little time for these checks. You can test the balance by manually opening the door. If you regularly use an electric garage door opener, you will need to disengage the opener. Disconnect from the power, and pull the manual cord to disengage the system. As you manually open the door, you should be able to open it without much effort. Then, the door should stay open on its own. If it’s properly balanced of course.


Warning Signs

In addition to regular manual balance checks, we recommend keeping an eye on a few things routinely. First of all, does the door look slanted at all? Does it not shut completely? Also watch it as the door opens and closes, it should open evenly and with ease.

Once again, with an unbalanced garage door do not try to fix this on your own. The torsion springs that counteract the weight of the door hold a lot of force. Injuries and property damage are the last thing any of us want. Leave these technical repairs to our professionals.

You may not guess this one, but odd noise can be a warning sign of an unbalanced garage door. Initially if you hear any weird noises as the garage door opens and closes, you can simply give it a little grease. Look for high-temp garage door lubricant. If the noises don’t go away, the problem may be bigger than it first sounded. Balance may be an issue.


When it’s time to rebalance your garage door, call us at Overhead Door of Western Kentucky™. We are here to take the worry out of this process for you. We strive to keep your door functional and safe.

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