Quick Garage Improvements to Fast Track Your House Flipping

On average, a person in the United States will move more than 11 times. No matter if you flip homes for a living, or if you are trying spruce up your home before selling it, don’t neglect your garage. Use these quick garage improvements to fast track your house flipping.



Most homeowners don’t consider insulating their garage space. Especially if you live in an extreme climate, insulation can improve the value of your home. With new insulation, you can present your garage as a possible extended living space. All you need is…



Buyers will stereotype a room by the flooring in the room; concrete indicates industrial, while hardwood and carpet represent living space. Your garage does not need to have wood floors, other inexpensive upgrades are available. Tile and floor paint provide durability and style. Speaking of paint…



One of the most inexpensive ways to improve a space is with a fresh coat of paint. When selling a home, it is common to repaint the majority of living spaces. Don’t forget your garage; it only takes one can of paint to make your door look brand new. To make sure you can see that dazzling new color…



Treat your driveway to a new lighting system that complements the overall design of your home. Motion detector systems are great for energy efficiency and theft prevention. Inside your garage, install light fixtures that you would inside the rest of your home. Don’t settle for just the light from your garage unit, especially when you install new…



During a move, storage space is crucial. It may be tempting to pile all of your moving boxes on the side of your garage, but that will make your garage appear smaller and cluttered. Efficient storage systems help optimize your space and can increase your selling price. Elevated shelving offers the most square footage and the best workspace.


New Door

If you make all of the improvements above, and still don’t feel satisfied, it may be time for a new garage door. The right choice of your garage door can improve the functionality of home and complete look of your exterior. A new garage door has a great return-on-investment, at 85 percent, according to this study.


These quick garage improvements to your garage can make a big difference when selling your home. If you have questions about improving your garage, or buying a new garage door, call the professionals at Overhead Door of Western Kentucky™.


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