Garage Improvements to Help You Save on Energy Costs

Everyone wants to save money on their energy bills, but most do not know how. Few people realize that even though they may only use their garage twice per day, that they may be losing energy in their garage. With a few easy upgrades and a bit of maintenance, you can lower your heating bill. Remember these garage improvements to help you save on energy costs.



When people think of energy savings, they think of insulation. While insulating your garage is not mandatory, it can still help you save on energy costs. You will want to make sure that, at a bare minimum, the walls shared between your garage and your home are insulated. Otherwise, the heat in your home will flow directly outside. Insulating your garage also means that you extend your living space. Even if you simply use your garage as a rec room, you improve the value of your home.


Garage Door

One place that many people forget to insulate in their garage is the garage door itself. Even if you properly insulate the rest of the walls in your garage, you still have an uninsulated one, your door. The Overhead Door Company™ offers insulated garage doors to prevent you from losing precious heat from your garage. With insulated panels and joints, you can use your garage space year round.



As a homeowner, you would never leave a window open during a frigid winter night. If you neglect to patch the cracks and holes in your garage, you may be doing just that. Check the weather stripping between your garage door and its frame. It should fit snugly between the two, and be responsive to the touch. If it is not, replace your weather stripping, and make sure that it covers the gap between your garage door and its frame. If your garage door is still not sealed, you will need to call a professional. This gap often is a sign that your garage door is unbalanced, an issue that you should never attempt to fix on your own.



Your garage floor needs a bit of love during the winter as well. Heat can be pulled from right underneath your feet during the winter. Put a layer of flooring over the top of your concrete garage floor so that it retains heat. Interlocking rubber tile flooring is cheap and easy-to-install flooring that you can use over and over again. Outdoor carpeting is another option that will withstand the elements, and keep your garage floor from being as frozen as the outdoors.


A few garage improvements can help you save big on energy costs. You can make little improvements on your own, and when you need help, call the professionals at the Overhead Door Company of Western Kentucky™.


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