How To Avoid Garage Door Scammers

Avoid Garage Door Scammers | Overhead Door Company

When searching for garage doors and service online, be wary of the imitators out to fool you into believing you are getting the genuine Overhead Door Company experience. With over a century of offering the absolute best customer experience on the market, you can understand why these scammers might want to try to get some of that respectability for themselves. To help you avoid garage door scams, the Overhead Door Company of Western Kentucky has listed a few things you can look for to keep you from getting ripped off by OHD knock-offs and garage con artists. 

Trademark It

Online search results pages are littered with people using Overhead Door in the title. So how do you identify the real deal? Look for the trademark () symbol next to the name. Legally, only official ribbons can have this designation. 

Double-Check The Address

Another easy way to tell if you’ve got a legit business and not a con artist is the street address listed on the search results page. Scammers will rarely have an identified address where customers can come to them. If their business page does include a street address, check it quickly on a street view map to see if their business is actually at that location. Garage door scammers are known to hide behind phony addresses. Additionally, be wary of businesses that say that they are in an office complex or a corporate plaza because this is incredibly rare in the industry.

Check Their Credentials

Unlike Overhead Door employees who are certified exclusively to work on OHD products, scammer technicians oftentimes don’t even specialize in garage doors. If you are even considering using someone outside of us, make sure to check their credentials with your local better business bureau as well as a variety of online review sites including Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor.

Keep It On Schedule

If one of the Overhead Door Company’s employees is performing a job for you, they will always be upfront about the time and cost. Scammers, on the other hand… not so much. Oftentimes, they will give you a rough estimate of how long it will take to complete the job without committing to a day in particular. A good rule of thumb is to always ask for the completion date in writing and never pay the entire fee upfront.

Avoid All This, Call OHD

Now that you know what to look for, why would you want to deal with anyone else? Call the Overhead Door Company of Western Kentucky today and let us take care of all of your garage door repair and replacement needs.

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