4 Garage Organization Tips To Clear Major Space

Garage Organization Guide | Overhead Door Company

If you’re someone who has been practicing social distancing by working from home and avoiding crowded public spaces during the weekend, it might have become a form of entertainment for you and your family. For some, that means tackling one of the biggest organizational headaches many homes have – the garage. Below, the Overhead Door Company of Western Kentucky has listed five tips for garage organization so you can get a jump start on spring cleaning.

Think Vertical

Your vehicles have a monopoly on the floor space in your garage. That means the only place to go for garage organization is up. We’re not talking about stacking a few cardboard boxes on top of one another either. 

The best way to start your spring cleaning is by buying clear plastic storage containers in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your storage needs. These will protect your valuables from water, changing temperatures, mold, mildew, and vermin and allow you to get an idea of the contents instead of aimlessly digging through them. Adding shelving to host your new storage bins can save even more precious ground space and take your organization to the next level.

If you really want to get creative, look to your ceiling. There are plenty of options when it comes to ceiling storage — from bike hooks to ladder hangers to tracks that can hold those new plastic containers.

Don’t Be Afraid To Put A Label On It

Now that you’ve got everything organized in their proper bins, it’s time to properly label them so you can easily find whatever you need. First, purchase some plastic label holders that will keep your labels in pristine, legible condition for years to come. Make sure you’re writing as large as possible — if your bins are stored up high, it will be hard to read small writing which defeats the whole point of organizing. 

Get A Peg Up

Pegboards are a craftsman’s best friend. They let you display all of your tools — even the oddly shaped ones — for easy access. Before you attach the board to your garage wall, do a little planning. What tools do you use most often? Are there combinations of tools you use together? Once everything is laid out accordingly, trace out the items so there’s no confusion when you’re returning them to the board. If you have any extra room, attaching cups or pieces of PVC pipe gives yourself some nice nooks to store pencils, nuts, bolts, and other small items.

Get A Good Toy Bin

If you have kids, you’ve come across the problem of having balls and toys strewn across your garage floor after a play date or afternoon in the driveway. This creates a hazard for anyone that’s wandering around your garage without looking. A solid toy bin — preferably your kids can access without having to remove everything just to get to what they’re looking for — will fix this instantly.

For additional tips on how to get organized this spring, call the Overhead Door Company of Western Kentucky today!

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