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Garage Door Wind Resistance

We imagine most of you have found yourselves walking into the wind before. You’ve maybe even tried to stand in place while the wind blows. Think about how you exert strength to withstand the force. How is it that more things aren’t blowing away when the mighty gusts hit? Luckily most of our major structures […]

Winterize Your Garage

While it is still warm outside, it is time for winter preparation. All it takes is an afternoon, and you can prevent frozen pipes and leaking cold air in your garage. Temperatures will be dropping sooner than you think. Follow our quick guide to winterize your garage.

Renovating Your Garage

If you have ever thought about adding a man cave or a cozy teenage hangout in your home but just don’t have the space, we have the solution for you. Ever thought about remodeling? With a few flooring changes and just the right organization you can add more living space to your home by renovating […]

Torsion Springs Explained

Have you ever thought about how heavy a garage door really is? Think about how you can open and close it without much effort. You can thank the torsion springs. While they are one of the most important working parts of your garage door system, they can also be one of the most dangerous. Garage […]

New Garage Door Value

Did you realize that your garage door is likely the largest entryway to your home? This means it also has great potential for added value and curb appeal. Remember, we did say it is one of the largest pieces of your humble abode. It is a great opportunity for curb appeal, design, security, and functionality. […]

Building Regulations

When you bought your house, you knew you would eventually need more storage space. Did that include thinking about building a garage or shed? Or even a carport? You will likely need a permit for that. You need to know every aspect of the Kentucky building regulations, permits, and laws before beginning.

Fall Garage Prep

Fall garage prep is all about preparing your home for winter. As the temperature drops, there are many jobs you will not want undertake in the cold. At the Overhead Door Company of Western Kentucky™, we want you to be prepared for winter.

Garage Door Buying Guide

Think about all the doors to your home. Your garage door is the largest entryway to your humble abode. Picking a garage door is a great opportunity to add to or complement your curb appeal. How do you know what the best options are? Wishing you had the Great Garage Door Buying Guide?

Space Saving Tips

Many of us are some sort of enthusiast or hobbyist at heart. We acquire more and more things over the years. We often end up with more stuff than storage space, or we lose some free maneuverable space in the process. If you’ve ever thought to yourself that your garage just doesn’t seem to have […]

Innovations in Garage Door Safety

Your home is your sanctuary, and you would do anything to protect your family and the house you love. When it comes to securing your home, don’t neglect its largest entry point, your garage. With the right accessories, your door can become an added layer of protection.